About Katie


I am in awe of the physical body and its ability to move and express itself in an infinite number of ways.
I discovered the Alexander Technique in the mid 80’s when I was struggling with a injury that was limiting my ability to do what I loved, dance. I had tried many different kinds of therapy and while I did find them beneficial, my pain continued to nag me despite my best efforts. It was not until I began to study the technique and learn what it was that I was doing to myself to cause compression in my neck and back that I began to find real relief. My first lesson left me feeling light on my feet and although I could not describe what it was that had happened, I knew I felt better than I had felt since I was a child. Something had let go, a deep pattern of holding in my body. I walked out of the door as if on air.

As human beings we crave touch. There are so many amazing kinds of healing modalities and healers that employ touch to help us find balance and become free of pain. But, the touch of an AT teacher is unlike any other touch you will ever receive. I can vouch for that. It takes years of training to learn how to touch someone without trying to fix that person. The touch of an AT teacher is meant to guide you back to a gentler, kinder way of being in your own body at rest, but more importantly, in activity, in motion. What happens off the therapy table is where the essence of this work lies. My learning never stops. I learn from my students, and I continue to train with Master teachers whenever I can. This work is a practice, and there is never perfection, just more and more levels of refinement in how I work on myself and how I use my hands when I work with others.

I have studied and been a lover of movement education and therapeutic healing arts my entire life. My background includes modern and ethnic dance, yoga, anatomy, Reiki and Jin Jytsu energy healing, natural medicine, diet and nutrition, meditation, Authentic Movement and contemplative psychotherapy.  While I do not diagnose or prescribe, I am always available for inquiry regarding how one might integrate other forms of self care and healing into one’s life.

Lastly, my formal education: I received my B.A from Mt Holyoke College. My graduate work was at Naropa University where I studied Dance and East/West Psychotherapy. It was there that I encountered The Alexander Technique and went on to train at the Boulder Center for the Alexander Technique and later at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique – a 3½ year, certified teacher training course. I am also certified to teach through Alexander Technique International (ATI). I have a private practice in Montpelier, Vermont and I offer movement classes, workshops.