What is the Alexander Technique?

We are made for movement…

The Alexander Technique is a method of Psycho-Physical Education that teaches us to become more aware of how we use our bodies in our everyday lives, in any activity.  We hold within us beliefs and habits of a lifetime that can interfere with our sense of ease and well-being. These postural and movement habits are usually unconscious and are often the underlying cause of chronic pain and discomfort.

Through the use of light touch and verbal guidance, The Alexander Technique addresses the underlying causes and interferences within a persons structure, and reawakens an individual’s kinesthetic sense to bring about lasting change.  This is the sense that is responsible for whether we are moving well in a coordinated way or not.

When our kinesthetic sense or proprioception is dampened, due to stress, injury, surgery or poor habits repeated over time, we lose out ability to sense the difference between ease and tension, relaxed or strained, and cause unnecessary compression patterns throughout our skeletal and muscular system in order to cope.

The Alexander Technique guides a person to discover for him/herself the specific movement habits that are interfering with performing the simple activities of standing and walking or more complex ones such as playing a sport or a musical instrument. Whether we are sitting at a computer for long hours, or preparing to speak in front of a large audience, we can learn to use our bodies well. By bringing our awareness to the chronic patterns of misuse first, we learn how to let them go and relearn a way of moving that is easeful and natural: we learn to inhabit our bodies in the  way nature intended!

In essence as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, I speak to the innate wisdom within your body, that seeks  freedom and balance both physically and emotionally, and guide you to discover for yourself, your potential for living a life of wholeness.

For more information and articles, videos and lectures on the Alexander Technique visit: www.alexandertechnique.com

The Alexander Technique is for FOR EVERYONE including musicians, dancers, singers, athletes, artists, yogis, body workers, bakers, craftspeople, carpenters, farmers, gardeners, teachers, service industry and health professionals, office workers, lawyers, public speakers, pregnant woman, infants, children, young adults, elders, and folks from all walks of life