Begin this journey into the wisdom of your body with...

AT KIND BODY Discover 1:1 Program

This program is specifically designed to help you reach a deep level of change within three months. It offers the maximum personal attention than any other program:

10 hours of hands-on private movement instruction tailored to your body issues and your life

In addition the program includes many practice materials to support you outside of your lesson time, so that you can move to a new level of self awareness and reach your desired goals as quickly as possible.

This program is for you if...

  • You are super motivated to work on yourself and engage in regular (weekly) lessons so that you get results and change deep seeded movement patterns that are interfering with your abilities.

  • You understand that lasting change takes dedication and patience and that changing life long habits doesn't happen overnight.  You are ready and willing to invest the time, money and energy it takes to get the results you desire.

  • You are tired of hurting and are ready to receive guidance and feedback so that you can stop doing the things that are causing you harm.

  • You wish to break the cycle of relying on someone else to fix you and become empowered to work on yourself by developing a refined sense of kinesthetic movement that you had as a child.

  • You are ready to learn something new about yourself and take responsibility for the choices you make everyday and the effect that these choices have on your body and your mind.

  • You've never studied the Alexander Technique or have had less then 10 lessons of Alexander Technique, or it’s been a while since you’ve studied.



(Some discounts are available for seniors --75 years or older)