The Alexander Technique is for musicians, dancers, singers, athletes, artists, yogis, body workers, craftspeople, carpenters, service industry and health professionals, public speakers, pregnant woman, infants, children, young adults, elders, and folks from all walks of life.

People choose to study the technique for many reasons. Some are motivated by a wish to be free of pain, recover from injury, or avoid surgery. Doctors now recommend Alexander Technique for many conditions. (see below)

Others may be concerned about themselves and want to prevent injury and improve their performance and their quality of life.

Some people may simply want to look, speak and feel more poised and empowered in their lives.

A pregnant woman for example, will study the technique to avoid back pain and to create the conditions for an easier birth by learning to maintain a natural alignment. The technique will also teach her how use herself well, and avoid injury while caring for her child.


Piano Lesson w Roger photo.jpg

I broke my foot in 2013. Here is a video that demonstrates how the technique can help one recover from injury or surgery. Especially helpful in demonstrating how to use crutches without causing unnecessary compression throughout the body, so that one can heal the whole body, not just one part.

A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 showed that the Alexander Technique is beneficial for the long term relief of back pain.


Nikolaas Tinbergen, 1973 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine and Physiology, devoted a significant portion of his Nobel lecture to talking about F. M. Alexander, the Alexander Technique, and the importance of Alexander's discoveries, including the benefits he and his wife experienced from lessons.