Are you struggling with your body issues?

How many times in your life have you been told to stand up straight and sit still?

Have you stopped doing the activities you love because of pain or fear of injury?

Do you long to move with poise and ease like you once did as a child?


The Alexander Technique Method helps you get to the root of your body issues

Overcome the habits of a lifetime that are interfering with your ability to achieve your passions in life

  • Identify and change poor movement habits to relieve chronic pain and stress.

  • Increase body awareness and naturally improve the way you move and use yourself in any activity.

  • Overcome and prevent injury, RSI, falls and surgery.

  • Reduce the cycle of dependence on pharmaceuticals and invasive medical procedures.

  • Improve your performance in any activity, at work and at play.


The Alexander Technique gets to the root cause of your body issues

by examining the way in which you use your body in the activities of

your life. It is both educational and therapeutic in nature, meaning it

gives you the tools to stop relying on someone else to fix you and

empowers you to choose how you do what you do.  By learning the

Alexander Technique you will be amazed by the power of you own

abilities when you rediscover the natural coordination with which

you were born.



We are made for movement



What is the Alexander Technique?

How to Study

Meet Katie




AT Kind Body is dedicated to enhancing the well being of people of all ages and backgrounds by teaching awareness in motion though the principles and practices of the Alexander Technique.

As a teacher of the Alexander Technique, I speak to the innate wisdom within your body and mind, that seeks ease and freedom from pain, both physically and emotionally. What habits of tension could be interfering with your ability to perform well or just live your life? Are you eager to learn how to take better care of yourself in simple ways? Is it possible to change for good

The Alexander Technique serves as the container in which self-observation and the work on oneself can take place. It is based on the premise that “Our Thinking effects Our Functioning”.  Through our work together, you will learn to consciously release the unnecessary patterns held within your body. You will reconnect to the core of your structure, where strength and movement arise naturally in accordance with your inherent design. From this place a new way of being that is effortless begins to unfold.



About Katie

Katie Back brings over 25 years of movement and therapeutic studies to her teaching.  She has background in dance, yoga, kiniesiology, holistic medicine, energy healing, nutrition, Buddhist meditation and contemplative psychotherapy.  She is a graduate of the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique – a 3½ year, certified teacher training course. She has a private practice in Montpelier, Vermont and offers movement classes, workshops, and  intensives designed for specific needs and professions