1:1 Lessons and Program Packages

Single Lessons:

60 min $80
75 min $95
90 min $115

An Introductory Lesson is 75-90 minutes in length

Three Lesson Intro Package $225
(Includes one 75 m Intro plus 2 additional 60 min lessons w/in 30 days)

SAVE $$ Ten 60 min session package: 3 month DISCOVER PROGRAM @ $650 click for details.


With a series of regular lessons you will receive the most benefit:


  • IDENTIFY and CHANGE the movement habits that are interfering with your life and adversely effecting your abilities and sense of well being.

  • LEARN to sit, stand, walk, bend and perform different activities by experiencing the light touch of the Alexander Technique that re-establishes the integrity of the head, neck and spine.

  • LEARN how to become more aware of yourself in every activity and how your awareness effects your functioning--ie how well you feel and how you perform

  • LEARN to breathe naturally to reduce stress, calm nerves, and feel better and think clearly.

  • RECEIVE the therapeutic benefits of The Balance of Being Alignment Bodywork through the use of passive movement to undo interfering patterns of tension in the neuro- muscular system and re-pattern your brain for better coordination and freedom of movement

  • LEARN simple, restorative self-care exercises to help you maintain what you receive in lessons

  • EXPERIENCE what it feels like to walk in a naturally balanced and coordinated way so that you can build new habits that last a lifetime.

  • SET realistic goals for yourself with repeated lessons to keep you moving in the right direction

  • BECOME more self-aware, self- confident and poised in your life.

  • IMPROVE your relationship to yourself and to others by rediscovering a your whole body and literally learning "to stand on your own two feet".

  • GAIN the FREEDOM to CHOOSE how you do what you do in your life by changing what you do with your body

  • BE EMPOWERED to work on yourself for a lasting change that will get your out of a cycle of causing yourself harm and become free from unnecessary pain.



The Balance of Being offers Single Lessons, Group Classes. Workshops and 3-Month Lesson Programs to suit your personal goals and needs. 


Fall Series Sept-Dec

(Fall 2018 Discovery program will be limited due to travel)

Winter Series Jan-April

Spring/Summer Series May-July