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Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Monthly workshop at Hunger Mountain coop Call Coop at 802-223-8000 to preregister or go to

Relieving Pain/Improving Performance in Everyday Life:

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain from long hours of standing or sitting?
Do you tend to collapse into your favorite soft chair at the end of the day even though you know its not good for your back?
Do you believe that good posture requires a lot of effort and is difficult to achieve?
Are you an athletic person or a performing artist that wishes to improve your performance?  

Come discover how the Alexander Technique can help you to change poor postural habits into good ones and rediscover what it means to move with ease and without pain.
Improve your posture and your performance by getting to the underlying root cause of your body's difficulties.   

Learn how to move well, without trying!  Let go of the harmful habits that contribute to chronic pain and bring a sense of well being back into your life so that you can do the things you love at work or at play!

WHEN: Wed April 13 @ 5:30-7:30
WHERE: Hunger Mountain Coop Community Room 2nd Fl. Montpelier, Vt

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Introduction to the Alexander Technique