KindBody Alexander Technique Method helps you:

  • Identify and change poor movement habits that are often at the root of your nagging body issues

  • Increase body awareness and improve your breathing, vocal expression, posture, balance, coordination and more.

  • Improve your personal and professional relationships by strengthening your psycho-physical boundaries between self and others

  • Manage and relieve chronic pain

  • Overcome and prevent injury and surgery.

  • Reduce the cycle of dependence on pharmaceuticals and invasive medical procedures.

  • Improve your performance in any activity at work and doing what your love.

How to Study:

KindBody Alexander Technique Method teaches through hands-on alignment work and verbal instruction. Its effects are often immediate, but are sustained through repeated sessions over the course of several months or more.  I offer introductory lessons andworkshopsto introduce you to the work and to give you a taste of your own potential,  but lasting change takes time.  For the most benefit, I encourage my students to work towards long term change and goals and enroll in one of my 3 month programs especially designed to meet individual needs. Programs run 3 times year, Fall, Winter and Spring.

I offer some scholarships for those individuals, who are motivated to study, but whose life circumstances are such that paying full price for a program would be a financial hardship.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. I wish to serve people of all ages, life experience and backgrounds.


KindBody Programs

We offer 3-month programs to suite your personal goals and needs. 

Fall program Sept- Dec
Winter Program Jan-April
Spring-Summer Apr-June




In each program you will receive the benefits of gentle, touch and verbal instruction so that you can:

  • LEARN to allow the breath to move inside your body allowing for a change to take place through your entire muscular-skeletal system.

  • IDENTIFY and CHANGE the movement habits that are interfering with this natural movement and effecting your abilities and sense of ease and well being.

  • LEARN to integrate the postural guidance you receive in simple movements of sitting, standing and walking and begin to apply this guidance to the activities in your life

  • INTEGRATE the therapeutic benefits of a table lesson that re-aligns your body by undoing interfering patterns of tension, creating new muscular-skeletal connections and re-patterning your brain for coordination and freedom of movement

  • LEARN an PRACTICE on your own simple restorative self-care exercises to do on your own.

  • EXPERIENCE what it feels like to move in a naturally balanced and coordinated way

  • SET realistic goals for yourself that keep you out of overwhelm.

  • BECOME more self-aware and ...

  • CHOOSE to change how you use your body in your life by changing how you think.

  • BE EMPOWERED to work on yourself for lasting change that can get your out of a cycle of pain.

Wondering if the Alexander Technique is right for you?

Begin this journey into the wisdom of your body with...

An Introductory Lesson, 3 Lesson package, Group series or Workshop




In an Introductory Lesson you will :

  • REVIEW with me your current and past history of body challenges

  • IDENTIFY one or more of your interfering movement habits

  • RECEIVE postural guidance in sitting, standing and walking

  • RECEIVE the therapeutic benefits of a table lesson to align your body, undo interfering patterns of tension, and re-pattern the Central Nervous System

  • LEARN a simple restorative self-care technique that realigns the spine naturally

  • EXPERIENCE what it feels like to move in a balanced and coordinated way

  • DISCUSS personal goals for yourself

  • TASTE your own potential for moving with less pain and effort and more ease and freedom

  • BE EMPOWERED to practice more self awareness in order to get out of a cycle of pain


Still have questions for what is your best next step? Please feel free to contact me.